Merry Easter!

Tis the season. As tradition bides, Swedes all over the world gather around the Bunny-statue and sing carols and hymns to the winter. And what have we here, below the bunny-tree? Yes, easter eggs for all the kids to open and enjoy, containing various toys that Herr Yule (the yellow thing depicted below the grey thing) have created together with his hens and little chicken-midgets. The kids looove 'em. Myself, what did I get? Well, a picture says more than a thousand words:

Well... it helps if you can actually see the picture. I actually didn't get an Atari.

Surprised, I was, to see that I only got coal in my sock, but it might be related to a heating-incident earlier this morning.

Dinner is mainly made up of carrots - no, not carols - LOLOLOLOL - but carrots. Preferably boiled, and always served by the family's patriarch, dressed "jokingly" as a "bunny". Oh, how we laugh our German-like robot laughs when father does this.

Afterwards it is dessert, typically served on the living room floor.

And off to the annual, rather drunk chicken dance with the extended family. Some do it better than others, as seen above. Atrosciously bad dancing by the right one. Just wiggling your chicken ears is hardly enough, Lisa Llama.

I am going to end this on a more serious note, this being an important holiday that should be celebrated in a spirit of eggs and kindness - how can someone just steal some old lady's used ciggarettes? Not even during Easter can an old dole-receiver be safe from the wind. Goddamn fascist. Free translation follows below, but I warn you - this is heartbreaking:

When the old Grumsette [woman from Grums] floundered out on her balcony to smoke she found that her ciggarette butt was missing. She smoked a new one and left half of it on her table and went in for a refreshing beer. When she came back after "just a few gulps", the new ciggarette was lost! This happened once again the same day, and thusly the resolute (possibly courageous) woman called the police. The police administrated her call as a possible home intrusion, because the ciggarette could not possibly have blown away in the strong winds that normally plauge the township of Grums. PC Flen, of the Trollhättan police, say that "we take these kinds of fascist crimes very seriously" and continued that he "would send a police car to the town if they could afford the gas money".

Co'caaaw! Merry Easter!

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  1. Best Christmas post I've seen!

    1. Very happy to hear that - I saw your post on Christmas, noting especially your view on Christmas songs! A view I very much share.

  2. Merry Christmas again llama, and thanks for the ent. It arrived just on tiiiime! Its vunderbal!

    1. Yes! Very happy to hear that! :D