Guldur War Troll done

There are still some details left to fix, as traditions bides here on Llama's War of the Ring.

Some of you might remember that I mentioned I wanted to "balance" the model somehow (after adding the chunky leg-armour)... after adding a shield as an ad-hoc armour-piece, the whole thing got tied together, I think...

We, the council of llamas, find the project to be satisfying...

Some form of buttons and rivets are very much needed here, but other than that I'd say the project's done.

Also, this model is as fit as the troll from the movies...

This post is now turning into a blend of various different crap... just like India...
... most notably due to the reason that I have finally finished the four basic GBoG-crew. They look okay and nothing more. Someday I might paint them.

Speaking of Warhammer (no, I wasn't), these two models are 1:48 scale, which is now the offical scale for the "Heroic 32mm" models of Games Wokshop: Army of Sigmar. Why am I posting this image, except for complaining abput GeeDubb's new gigantic dwarfs? Why, I am promoting my Valar-project, of course!

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  1. Hehe, looking forward to seeing the big guy painted up!

    1. I hope to make him a bit more lively than the other trolls, so here's hoping :D