Edheldhu Wood Elves update...

Huorns - indomitable, resilience two. Wicked awesome!

Huorns. A bit of a separation. They basically function like the Feral Uruks or Berserkers.

The foliage in yellow light. Don't know the settings on my camera. Will look into this, tweak and return with pictures that actually reflect reality.

White light and no flash made this piece of art.

And flash-box gave this. The most true-to-reality-ish looking picture of the foliages' colour...

Again, yellow light and no flash - with a really nice background that make it looks like something from D&D.

The motha-flippin' Ent! Aaaaaight!!! Woooooohoooo! ROFL!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Awsum! Blir riktigt bra med träden. Hade du på de där trådiga/garniga också eller var det blommor?

    Har du lagt till nåt mer på undergrowthen -- såg mycket bra ut ju.

    Enten har verkligen armarna i en yo, yo vinkel -- annars bra.

    Justin Dawson

  2. But why did you choose a black and skin color-scheme? Frankly it looks awful

    Best wishes,

    Justin Creek

  3. Those are all good comments, I will, however, state the obvious, in the name of the almighty: It will not be a skin-colour scheme, it will be another colour-scheme.