Celebration, part II - the Golden Posts

In a continuing spree of self-absorbtion I have listed a whole bunch of projects that have given me a slight satisfaction bordering to enjoyment. This list was created when looking back at times gone by, and I realized that quite much have been made during these years.

The Plague Cart for Angmar!

Knights of Arnor. Made from Perry Miniatures very good Mounted Men at Arms.
High Elf Chariot.
Queen Beruthiel and Crew. Her hand has since undergone plastic-surgeon.
The Nine are Abroad. The nine ringwraiths, all homemade or based on conversions, on a custom tray.
The Gondor Carroccio-project. This isn't 100% done as of this date. It is also known as the Cart of Everliving Flame.
A small Galadhrim Bolt Thrower. A tiny but entertaining project.
The Golden Regiment of Minas Tirith.
Homemade and (badly) cast goblins. A learning process.
Minas Tirith Field Command - which is done and looks quite allright if I may say so.
Perry Miniatures Men at Arms converted into Mordor Orcs!

Great Beast of Gorgoroth, the Howdah-troubles. Upon re-reading this post quickly, I saw a comment about adding an orc permanently on the beast. This will be done.

The overhaul of the Gobbo army. Goblins, goblins and goblins! This one is soon 100% done. Spiders are being added. Alas, on Saturday, the first raindrops of the storm known as the Hobbit will fall, and I will have to open up the Gates of Moria once more. I guess we may consider the goblin project as a process rather than a project with a definite ending.

The practice to write articles in English: Theming!

Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansar conversions: Made into Mahûd Warriors.
Painted Knights of Dol Amroth, with a few conversions.
The Púkelman. Or Stone Guardian.
Abrakhan Guard. Unusually colour-full.
King's Champion. Usable for both War of the Ring and LotR/the Hobbit-SBG.

The Ent for the elven project called Edheldu (the meaning of Edheldu have been long forgotten, I think it might be Sindarin for golden-sunray-glade-something-something). Edheldu-project:

Finished Edheldu (97% done, in fact).

--- --- ---

As it now time to turn the page and move on, I will now denounce the (idiotic) use of capital letters when writing things such as orcs, elves and dwarwes. This bad habit comes from reading the rule- and sourcebooks where they use capital letters in the different unit-entries which I in my uneducated fashion mistook for some novel writing-rule in the English language.

Correct me if I am wrong, but one will still write Wood elf, since it is a specific race/nationality? Like Swedes or Americans? But you don't write "Elves" with a capital E, in the same way you do not write "Humans", with a capital H?

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