Palace Guard Captain DIY, phase 2.

Phase two has commenced.

The head is large. It is his large chin that is the main problem so it is now hidden behind a beautiful field of pink, as is most of my fingers.
    It would seem that despite using the correct Somali heads to the Ansar bodies, my sculpts/heavy conversions tends to end with a too large of a head for Lord of the Rings. Sometimes even larger than my own head, proportionally looked at.

Shield and glaive. A glaive which whose measurements are based on a Galadhrim warrior's glaive, which was wielded with two hands. This guy will hold it with just one and have a lot of handle left. It might look weird. We'll see how it pans out...

Edit: Tried some other words.

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  1. I am really impressed with your sculpting. The few times I have tried to do anything small and fiddly like this with greenstuff (other than simple gap filling or sulpting hair /fur), its usually gone horribly wrong and I just end up feeling I wasted a whole bunch of time I could have done something else with!

    1. Thanks Scott! It means a lot to hear it from a hobbyist such as yourself! Personally, I only see the flaws... but that is typical for us humans, I suppose...

      Anyway, it is now time to buy me a box of the newly relesead Palace Guard so the newly sculpted captain get himself some dudes to lead into battle! Which is a bit ironic, considering my rants about prices - I noticed you've gone and bought yourself an Azog. We are all sinners, then ;) or simply just addicts...

  2. Looking good Llama. I'm always very impressed with projects like this. I can fill gaps with green stuff and sculpt a bit of fur, but this is all a bit beyond me.

  3. Similarly impressed. You are able to achieve a lot of very good detail there. Looking forward to the final product.

  4. The details are really good, the pink looks a bit like a censor :P

  5. Thanks guys!

    Happy to hear the positives. Now it is time to iron out all the imperfections, finish this one and continue with the project I've been procrastinating for too long: Making a mould of three Dale archers!

    @Monsieur Maxamillian: It is indeed a censor! ;D