Painting converted horses -> Demigryphs

The demigryphs of Warhammer are nice little creatures, but I didn't fancy buying a box for 410 SEK at the local games store, so I bought another box for 325 SEK, a Celestial Bullcrap, which gave me a bunch of nice little bits for conversions and hobby projects. In this box, these two horses were included, you see. They were normal Warhammer standard, larger than a house, and they fit quite well as a base for a demigryph conversion. For the 325 SEK, I got me a Celestial Bullcrap AND two Demigryphs and bucketload of fun sculpting exactly 182 badly detailed feathers and exactly two (2) beaks. And two tails. And scraping away a lot of ornamental skulls, if that ever was a trend outside Freemasonry...
    The reason to make these were nonexistant, except for a taking a little vacation from War of the Ring. I can probably crowbar them into an army in the near future.

Still haven't found a new job, but the search for a new place is going acceptable. It will be, if all goes well, slightly larger than the current supersmall home now habitated by me, so the hobby can take the place it needs and demands!

Still undecided on what to do with the hooves... so, I started painting them to see how it would turn out. Turns out, these demigryphs are half bird, half horse, half-half-half lion, half superman, half Russian, 50% cop and one hundred percent bird!
   When painting these, my unusally grumpy mood (due to the idiots living in this shit neighbourhood who keeps attacking the Swedes living here) was lifted and a little laugh slipped through my crooked llama-teeth - I was listening to 40K Radio (since there are no War of the Ring-podcast, if anyone wondered... ) and Romeo Filip said the following (go to their podcast-homepage, download show 72, go to 02:23:02[hour: minute: second]):

Romeo: "... super fun game, beers and pretzels, don't take it serious, if you do you're a total douchebag - please enjoy it for what it is."
Kyle: "I think you can do tournaments with it."
Romeo: "Yeah, you can do tournaments - I'm just saying, how uncomfortable would it be if you hate the guy across from you and you're like 'Croootch!' And the other guy's like 'Fiiine, you got me... '"
You cannot laugh when somebody says 'I aim at your crotch and your head', like, if you taking that serious you're like 'Screw you, I said aaarms... '"
[Third guy, what's-his-name?]: [impersonating your typical over-analytic lamer-gamer:] "'The meta predicts you NEVER go for the crotch!'"
Romeo: "'The meta says left arm, left foot, everytime... Obviously, you're not reading up on' - whatever - Bell of Trolls... "

They were talking about some game on this page, where you use cards, like in Drakborgen (BGG it). Anyway, transcribed, looking at their conversation, it looks stupid, but their tones was really funny. Go enjoy and listen while you paint, can highly recommend it for the humour. It's silly, but good.

EDIT: Forgot Scumbag Owl...


4 kommentarer:

  1. Those demigryphs have come out very well!

  2. Thanks man! A bit left to do on them, but I think they'll land on their feet, so to speak!

  3. Looking good Llama. Do you intend to use them for WOTR?

    1. I think I can crowbar them in somewhere, not sure which faction at the moment, though... but my regular opponent wouldn't appreciate it, so I'll settle for making them "WotR-compatible" and just enjoy them as a hobby project.