Finished Hunting Boat

The reasoning behind my design of this boat you can see in the previous post, but a quick recap follows here: The boat seems sea-worthy, despite it being a mixture of a traditional, rather small Swedish boat-type (eka) and a larger boat made for swell-like waves (seal hunting-boat, as can be read about in, for example, Wolf Larsen). Taken into account is also the fact that I want it to be usable in Midgard, which is why I added the luxurious inner shell with integrated "ribs" or frames (spant, in Swedish).

It is not entirely finished here, especially the detailing and some more work on the wood. It will turn out pretty darn okay, I think. 
    After that we will have a boat that is suitable for both historical and fantasy dioramas, battles and as details on bigger ships.

Seal hunting boat. Slightly less curved than mine.


2 kommentarer:

  1. awesome boat. please cast it up! I can see it being used in an osgiliath mission, or umbar or cair Andros.

    good work

    1. Happy to hear it mister, you shall see a cast soon!