D:< Bob Dylan, Nobel Litterature Laurate 2016 >:O

A few days a ago I had a "conversation" with my brother-in-law where I basically held a monolouge about the current Nobel committées' biggest problem: It has been hijacked by dumb leftists and "affirmative action"-women. Like everything else in Sweden. 

Peter Englund, doors symbolically open to stupidity behind him.

Not sure if it started when the quisling Peter Englund - a good author, yes, but still an "ex"-marxist - got the position as the "Invariable Secretary" after the flamboyant, highly educated and intelligent man Horace 

Smartest man in Sweden? Left the academy in time: Horace Engdahl.

Engdahl quit his position (undoubtedly due to the majority of the other's lack of knowledge and education in the committée). 

I shall not dwell on the various fools that has since been awarded a place in the committée, but as the old saying goes: "When females go in, logic goes out the window". And quick as a pie, at that.

It is a scandal! Well, not really, I was expecting something awful from them and in a way I had already written them off as a bunch of idiots. Especially when Harold Pinter was awarded the prize for floundering around a theater and spreading some badly written dialogue around stage...

Quick reminder for the dumb C:s in the committee: "... inom litteraturen har producerat det utmärktaste i idealisk rigtning". It literally says literature NOT FUCKING POP MUSIC LYRICS!

"Get with the time, it is [the current year, we need to rebalance our view on what is literature and how we actually hinder less-fortunate humans to read and appreciate culture. Hence this awesome choice." 

I can only assume is what they would say.

Perhaps it is nowadays not a prerequisite to be literate to get a chair in the committée, that would explain this year's choice: "A catchy tune from a subversive traitor, yeah that'll do, I can't be bothered reading all these 'angry, white, middle-aged men', I am a Swedish feminist, I can't fathom the simplest of logics and arguments. Only feelings."

Let's just reiterate the fact that we men have built this world and that roughly 98% of all great books have been written by a man from our parts of the world. While Bob Dylan is a man, he is not one of us, nor is he a man in any sense, whiny fucktard as he is... (this post is not whiny, by the way, it is merely asserting facts, hr-hrm... )

No, let Bob Dylan, the minstrel get the Nobel prize of dumbneddnessy. And he could really use the money as well. Sir Bob Dylan, I would assume... they give those titles out to anyone nowadays. But then again, maybe they've always done that, considering the shape of all the old "houses" of Europe.

Over-rated, is what I have always said his music was and is. His writing? Don't care, it has nothing to do with literature - even if he may or may not have had someone ghost-write his (very likely) shit-boring biograpy. So, fuck you Bob Dylan, and fuck the entirety of the Literature Nobel Committée!

- - -

A dumb, hot girl that I used to hang with - a real party girl, with absolute zero interest in literature - once said: 

"Why are they giving the literature prize in literatur to a bunch of boring old men whom I've never heard of. I think Bob Dylan should get the prize."

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  1. NO, don't hold back, Llama. Tell us how you really feel about this.