Logistics: The Boat

A fisher-woman needs a small boat to carry her big tits in 
(no pun intended)
Every big ship needs smaller ships to shuttle stuff from deep water to shallow water. Some boats were used for hunting seals, and some for raiding parties. Think Jack London's Wolf-Larsen or Captain Hornblower.

I started by shaping it dick-like, just like the ancient Vikings did.

By the cunning use of bing and duckduckgo and my own experience with Midgard and fantasy I decided on a shape that is more than viable for Middle-Earth.

I then promptly cut myself deep in the thumb and added tape on said finger...

... and then hardened the polymer clay after scoring it in an exaggerated way. This boat is made with mould-making in mind.

Then some more scoring of the "planks" was done, and I am currently adding details and a keel-plank-thingie. Stay sharp you sons of New England and don't cut your thumbs. Or as the internet would say: You're.

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