War of the Ring - Hyperabridged Rules!

This is a sneak-peak as well as a calling out: I need your input. What are the most commonly fought-over rules that are not FAQ:ed (fucked, ha... hah... ) or errata:ed? Post them in my generous comment section below and let me do your hard work and google away until the issue is fixed without anyone being satisfied.

I want you to picture my hyperabridged version of the rules as the two female humans above: Too young and not especially intelligent - not yet! But, they do have one thing, and that is potential. Instead of how I see the official Rules book of WotR:

Polished enough, but boring and old (the two women above are the same girls as the first picture, time flies when you work on a rules project like this - as you may remember: Women age like milk. The girls on top are 14 years old, and the women above are 35... so... yeah... ).

But why all these annoying happy faces? Because this is the only way I expect to get any input at all on my rules project. The worst part is, when I am done with this shit, I intend to publish a smooth version of Battle Companies... Look at those happy alcoholics and cocainist and whatnot. That's how your life would look if you were female. Still think it's funny to have fun? Well, see below...

I should probably add that I am doing a lot of heavy drugs to even manage to look at this super boring rules project. Hence this minorly confused post. All that aside, here is what I have removed from my abridged PDF:
Please let me know if you want me to add rules for the releases from the Hobbit. Such as the trolls from the movies (like the Catapult Trolls/Master Blasters - see below).

Two old Special Ear-dudes sharing a cigar.

That is all for this evening. Expect an update tomorrow with something more meaty.

4 kommentarer:

  1. What did you actually do to the magic rules? Increased the focus levels? I like your reorganizing of the army lists they make sense now. Did you eliminate legendary companies? I would.

    1. I am glad you took a look at the picture with the re-org. Legendary companies have been pain-stakingly copied and added - I will take heed of your advice and perhaps remove them, everything that streamlines the game I am a fan of.

      Also, the magic rules have been changed in part from Jamie of Rough Wotr (not sure if I have asked for permission, but I will do that AND make sure to give "props" (whatever that means) to the right peeps!

      I am glad to get your input, please, if you have any more suggestions, fire away!

      Also, really sorry for the late reply!

  2. Used to love Battle Companies

    1. I still got the text-file you sent me. It has proven very useful, but I am still putting off on that project. I am sure you can relate to time constraints, such is life in the Western world.