High Elf Archers, Lothlorien Sky Chariot and Rivendell Bolt Thrower

It is an Elven kind of update today.

I made a custom movement tray for the DIY Bolt Thrower, which will probably use the Avenger-rules straight off. The Avenger is accurate enough but still unreliable enough to be fun to use for both players, in my opinion - of course, the rules could always be better, but this is a game I play for enjoyment, so I draw the line somewhere.
This is what I started with yesternight. I was sick over the weekend and am just now getting better, so I thought I get this done.

A quick wash, some white silver and some highlights and these guys are ready for the game. They are one of the earlier releases in Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings-line and as such the moulds are very worn down - the mouldlines have not been nice on either the WoMT-sprues nor these... 

Similar angle, but slightly different. Bases and tray not finished.

 In the background you can see some other projects that I have been working on a bit wishy washy.

Here is the crux of this chariot. How to attach the swans to the chariot without actually glue them together; all the pieces are detachable and need to be as such because it would be too much trouble storing them otherwise.

I need to make new wings to the chariot  - I threw away the old chariot and most of the parts. This one works better, but it is still not awesome. It will look better with crew and wings, I hope.
    That's it for tonight. Feels good being back here on blogger... the issue was partly Google+, my own fault (the web-album "leaked") and blogger. Won't ever use Google+ though, so I will not be able to give input on most of the blogs out there, if that was ever a problem for anyone ;)

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4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking very nice Llama. I especially like the swans and that bolt-thrower has turned out especially nice. Clearly a lot on the go at the moment :-)

    1. To be honest, it might be a little bit too much all over the place, as it were. Find it hard to concentrate on anything :/ But now, I will try to finish this rules project once and for all.

  2. The bolt thrower is very nice. I'm eager to see how this sky chariot will turn out i like the swans. You've got me reading the War of the Ring rules and thinking about giving it a go.

    1. Very nice to hear that! I hope you go crazy with WotR! That is the right way to go.

      Also, I am unable to give any input on your part of the web due to this whole Google+ abstinence. Nevertheless, always very happy to get your feedback, Robert!