Forgot the title: Mirkwood Palace Guard

First of all, welcome new follower Mr Warlord, destroyer of Arda, blogger of WotR! Always nice to see more content on this hobby of ours!

Secondly, I have finally forced myself to approach a conclusion to this painting adventure:

Still a whole lot to do. The bases and trays will be transformed when I work them over with some static grass (and a balloon for static electricity!) and other foresty things. This formation will set the tone for the rest of the army that needs a thorough renovation. It shall prove interesting to finally paint the black Wood Elves, not to mention trying to fix up the 12 trays to this, better (I hope) standard.

Some WIP:s above. Notice the little forest critters I slapped together. As they are just there for spicing and a tint of flavour, they needed not be perfectly done.

Tree trunks aren't brown, but red and grey and a tint of green. Notice the dead leaves and the struggling grass next to the tree. Funny enough, this is a birch!

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  1. These models are looking very good indeed, Llama, very good. They're going to look absolutely terrific on that movement try when finished. Wonderful stuff :-)

    1. Happy to hear that! I will try to get better pictures of the finished project this week! Specific C&C on the forest is very appreciated (like if something is missing or it is looking unrealistic (within the constraints of our hobby)).