Mirkwood Palace Guard 95% done...

... and that's good enough for me. The few things I will go back and fix are the three missing shields and the two homemade Palace Guard's weapons. Also, I have some mini "birch"-leaves in autumny colours to contrast all the green (just as the ever-present mushrooms are doing).

Once and for all: Sorry for the bad pictures. It happens 100% of the time, and now I am inclined to see these shitty pictures as a feature rather than a fault of this blog of mine. When daylight comes, perhaps another picture will be taken. Who knows.

    The bad pictures are the reason why there are uncharacteristically many pictures. Quantity before quality.

The finished little formation consists of the following: 10 plastic Palace Guard, 1 (badly sculpted) captain, 2 not-so-well-sculpted/converted Mirkwood Palace Guard (made from some naked Ansar, IIRC). The homemade animal with antlers - the stag, that is - is a filler. It was originally mounted on a 40mm base but I figured it might give some sort of good guy feeling to these Wood Elves, like how the animals aren't afraid of them even when they are charging through their forest.
    Added some more animals: Two little green frogs, a turtle (to signal they are close to water... or something) and two small hares as well as some sort of elongated animal that looks nothing like a rat, mink, wolverine, cat or anything.

To make the 2 mm GW static grass stand up I just went at it after taking a shower and leaving the clothes in the cupboard *ba-dum-dish*, no, I used a balloon that I repeatedly stroke over my hair (insert bad stroke-joke here) and then simply put in the static grass' vincinity. It kind of works.

One of the final WIP-pictures I took. Oy-vey how much painting is still left on the warriors. The details are kind of blurred here, thankfully...

Can you find the ugly little frogs? Or maybe they are called toads? It is the kind that make bubbles with their chins and make funny sounds to attract frog-babes and detract frog-bros.

I have a lot of mushrooms.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Stunning. Absolutely stunning stuff Llama. They look truly awesome. What a cracking couple of bases :-)

  2. Happy to hear that! I am currently dry-adding some birch leaves and clump foliage (not the one you smoke!), so we shall see how it all ends. Still got to paint the models better also, but not sure how to do that.

  3. Svar
    1. Thanks Scott! Another update has followed!

  4. These look brilliant!
    Would it be possible to get the paint scheme you used for these guys? Starting my own Mirkwood force soon and I love the way you've especially done the armous.
    Would be very much appreciated :)
    Thanks man

    1. I'll post an update ASAP, sorry for the late reply mr Ethan! I am happy that you like them!