Painting Kraken!

The Watcher in the Murky Waters.

Lots of colours have dissappeared in these photos... it is a cloudy evening here in the Small Apple - tomorrow, my friend, after I have gone to the bazaar to buy a new mouth-piece for my shisha, I will take new pictures, in'challah!
    Peace be upon you my brothers! Go with Christ bro'!

PS) I should probably try to differentiate the base's colour-scheme from the Watcher's, but I strongly/lazily choose to believe that is beyond my particular set of painting skills...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great job! Yes please, another photo where we can see the painting in a different light. It does look believable. You are right in thinking about giving the base a more contrasting color. Maybe sandier

    1. Will do. I have decorated the base with some crap but the crap in question just looks sprinkled on top, not natural. I will work in some mud or perhaps water effects.