Finished Watcher in the Water

This guy really should have stayed in the waters, he is not good-looking. But before all that, let me welcome mr Pendragon Without, as is custom with new followers. Followers are scarce and I try to appreciate you/them to an appropriate level, without sounding overly enthusiastic (it might sound fake!). As you all know, since I left Google+ I can no longer comment on 60% of the blogs out there - it seems also impossible to follow most blogs... I do have a running updates list to the right here which I use...
    The Kraken is closing in to completion. I would say it still lacks some "weathering" and sea-roses and perhaps a band of kelp or two (not that lakes typically have those, but for the sake of water-theming... ).
    The model is not fixed on the base yet, so we can say this guy is 96% done. The base is not done either, as I am sure you can tell.

I firmly do believe that I made this creature belivable, in the sense that it might actually come crawling on land, not just for a few meters, but rather kilometers. Remember: There are fish that are known to flop at least 200 meters to another lake for whatever fish-errand they have to run. With that in mind, I think this shrimp is realistic enough. Also happy to avoid the stereotypical "squid as a kraken".

This is how I had to place the model in order to properly attach it's heavy tentacles. In my Eddie Izzard-cup (Cake or death!).

An interesting side-effect, brain-wise, is the simple fact that I realized I needed to finally get the base for my Pelargir Beast ready and done. And how will I go about that business? With an anchor, naturally! Something tying in to coastal areas and salt waters: An anchor! It will be a joy to sculpt!

The Hunter Orcs on wargs are turning out nice enough. The dead models that I mounted on Fenrisian wolves are getting there, albeit slowly... I gave all the Orcs sacks instead of bags because Orcs are lazy or at least very practical - why bother sewing a bag when you can make a simple sack? The sacks I envision are filled with man flesh or other disgusting things - remember, they operate behind enemy lines, sort of some sort of Orcish S.A.S or orchiska fallskärmsjägare. That might be giving them a bit to much credit, but it sounds "kewl", doesn't it? No, it really doesn't...

As is tradition I started a new project before finishing the other one, in order to have a seemless transition between projects, always something stimulating to do. This will hopefully turn into my own version of the Mouth of Sauron. I already made my own (crappy) Hand of Sauron.

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