Firing of the old dragon. Plus: Balrog and a 99% readiness of the Mirkwood Palace Guards

Longest title ever.
    Assembling of the Balrog was not a walk in the park, spoiled by plastics and counterfeit resin models as I am... Nearly got angry with this slayer of ... Thorin? No, the other one. Doesn't matter, he slew my good mood for the evening, that is for sure.

These are all the parts that the metal B-rog comes with. This particular exemplare came from a special box of Goblins called Denizens of the Dark, or something equally Games Workshopy. That was a price-worthy purchase: For 750 SEK I got 24 Goblin Warriors, a Cave Troll, a Goblin captain and the Balrog. Well, a good price for a GW product. Come to think of it, there might have been some other models in that box... I will have to check my Excel spreadsheet...

This poor dragon, the green one (the blue turtle is a Pelargir Beast, a design which is heavily "influenced" by the GW Bastiladon, which in turn took inspiration from a Pokémon monster!) will now officially be debased (wrong word, yes?) and moved to my can't-make-myself-throw-this-thing-away-box, which holds all my old Olog-hai models sculpted in Super Sculpey...

The Pelargir Beast stays, though. I like it even if there is/are (?) still some stuff to be done with the base.

Upon completion of a week of LCHF I made homemade chips and continued with a so called binge.

Still some painting left on the Elves and some more work on their bases and the trays, but I think I'll settle for now. Time for other projects.

 Did I not say I was going to post better pics. Used my old digital camera instead of the cellphone digital camera. The difference is notable.
     Good evening.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking very good on the elves there. What's next?

    1. Hello mr Herbert and welcome! Next up is trying to paint the black wood elves that has been unused for nearly 5 years! I dread this moment. I will look your profile up after this meeting and see what you have been up to ;)

  2. I do like that blue beastie, has a very solid look about it!

    1. Thanks, I like it myself, it is a hefty guy ;D