Hunter Orcs: Manflesh and a big barby

Barby as in barbie...

Well, not tit-barbie playing tennis, but barbecue:

In the summertime when the weather is fine (finally), I got some cheap spareribs and got the old drink T-röd and some charcoal and got to grilling. The guy fixing our BRF-lawn joined me after I mistakenly got eye-contact with him (being annoyed with his machines trimming our grass) and said a reluctant hello to him when he responded to my aggressive look. Instead of attacking him I invited him to join me.
      A bit awkard considering I prefer to eat alone, but he was a nice enough fellow and he managed to get the job done so... I hope he doesn't gossip about the weird BRF-resident eating just flesh and onions. I love flesh and onions...

My workspace was getting a big clogged, so I have started to finish up some projects.

A small conversion, but a conversion non-the-less. The head is a spare head from the Hunter Orcs on Warg Riders from The Hobbit: The Five Armies are Attacking Each other and this Is a Model from Games Workshop-set. I hope it is a superfluous statement when I state that the warg itself is a shameless resin copy? No need over-feeding the hydra that is Games Workshop...
    After svulling the flesh, I also ate around 0,5 kg of loose candy and received some well earned weight-anxiety and found this after some weight-googling:
Which concordedly got me to ring mr FoB to gossip about it (see below):

With all these pictures and syllables out of the way, I present to you, converted  casualty Hunter Orc models:

With the Rivendell Knight-box we also got some casualties, and perhaps this was some sort of trend? I know not, I only know that WotR/LotR/Hobbit is now an abandoned child of GW...

Here's the actual update... I made some extra gear for these hunters to show that they are outriders rather than regulars, they are more scouts than direct warriors and so need some extra stuff on them to be able to go behind enemy lines. That is also the reason they are lacking shields!

Not sure on these KIA:s though... They are mounted on Fenrisian 40K Wolves, for a bit of change from the old plastic Wargs.

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  1. Havent tried ribs on the barbie yet... will have to give that whirl :)

    1. It is high time, although, is it not autumn over at your place? Or winter, rather? Not that winter should stop anyone from setting fire to some meat ;)