Progress: Kraken

Most likely I will remove the legs in order to sculpt what needs being sculpted on said legs. They are glued to the shrimp at the moment to get the right angles and positions against the polystyrene-rock it will stand on.

Frontlegs are made out of sprue parts and some toxicrene parts. I modeled them after some sort of big shrimp, not entirely sure of the name.

It's hind-legs are inspired by the small little legs that crabs are equipped with on their sides.

Attaching the hind-legs, and below, after I left it to dry over night, I started attaching the front-legs.

You can sort of get an idea of how it will look with the giant tentacles.

Face of the creature is ammonoidish, and hence I kept it, it goes well with the theme of crustacean/squid - a water creature that doesn't exist but could very well do. That is also the reason I will not trim down the tentacles more than I have - it will be front heavy, but that is how I want it... if is after all mainly a water-creature...

The tentacles will (obviously) be attached between the mini-trunks/face and the first front-leg. More detailing than I thought was necessary has now showed to be an inevitable item on the to-do-list. I hope your weekend was a good one, good night one and all!

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