Swan Chariot 2nd try, & painting Turks for mr FoB

Another long title. A bit of this and that has been done. Again, sorry all you Google+ guys that I am unable to reciprocate your kind comments and critique - Google+ is rather excluding in her nature, and if one has not got an account, one cannot even make the simplest of comments.
      I promised mr FoB to paint up a bunch of models, and here are the last batch, close to 50% done:

1) White basecoat.
2) Tidying up mr FoB:s horrendous GS-work. Get better with the sculpting, mr FoB. You are a waaay better sculptor than me, why did these look like pieces of garbage? The bandanas (Islam-headgear, not sure of the name - it is not the Sikh-things, namely turbans - I am positive there is another name... ).
3) Painted the wood and some leather: Watered down basecoat of Coat d'Arms Wood Brown.
4) A basecoat consisting of Coat d'Arms equvialent of Bleached Bone, with some Vallejo thinner and Tamiya retarder, IIRC.
5) A wash of the colour mentioned in no 3 was added to all the basecoated ares.
6) Basecoat of brown.

Which gives this result:

Civilians and other assorted men.

Turkish warriors with some sort of basic rifles.

The command group.

Still left to do:

7) Painting a grey basecoat on 75% of the still white areas
8) Paint red accents.
9) A brown wash. Followed by:
10) A darkbrown-black wash.

Ten points.

I have decided to finish the fish-inspired/boat-/sky chariot-thing and then just leave this project. It was a good idea, but beyond my patience at the moment. I have literary been sitting just watching this thing and got nothing done in three evenings in a row. Time to let it go. It was never meant to get rules anyways. But still, it would have looked good in army-pictures.

Also, I bought a box of Hunter Orcs. Turns out there are a lot of extra heads in the sprues, so I might make another tray of converted Perry models into Hunter Orcs at a later date!

A bit of a warning with these models are in it's place, I think: The riders' legs are fixed on the mounts, so when converting them you might get a bit of a problem. I had originally thought of mounting the riders on Fenrisian 40K Wolves, but had to reconsider since I am not a good leg-sculptor.

That is all for today. I am off to a boring meeting with the board of my apartment complex, so good bye!

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