Odin's Day - Everything's Day!

Everything as in Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs, a weirdly themed base and a big flipp-off Kraken.

This time I started not with basecoats but with washes (directly on white primer). I used Vallejo's Thinner Medium to get the colours in the right amount of slippery. I can actually recommend this, it speeds up tabletop painting a lot.
    It all looks very colourful in its current state, but I assure you that they will look suitably dark and Orcish after a few special washes. I am toying with the idea to put woodworker's glue into the wash that goes on the wargs to make them look oily and sweaty. Not sure though.

I then proceeded to work on the base for Kraken since I did not enjoy it especially much. I have tried to carefully make some chemical burn holes in the polystyrene as to make it look more rugged. It did not really go as planned, but it will work after I put a band-aid on it (some moss or whatever).
    Typically, I avoid using expensive GS to make rocks but an exception was made with this base. Three small and dead fish I sculpted as well.

The red water plant is seriously misplaced - I now remember that red water plants are at a certain depth due to red being better at absorbing the correct light-wavelenght. On the base I placed three dead fish, two water-abrased planks, some water-grass (can't remember what is called in English - vass) as well as some kaveldun, you know those cigar-shaped plants that live by sweet water, indicating the critter in fact lives in a lake.

I took it right off it's base - plopp - and it broke half it legs as well as parts of the ugly rock.

The parts to decorate the base. Just remembered: I also made a broken oar that will lay about to further inprint that this is, in fact, a water base that is close to a lake with water in it because the Kraken is a waterliving creature that in fact lives by/or in water, so it's just logical to mount the creature on a base that is themed towards water - sort of close to a lake, in many case made obvious by the oar, the dead fish or the fact that the Kraken is, in fact, a water-living creature - which I indicate by putting it on a waterly themed - aquatic, you could even say - base.

Destroyed the two old Isengard Assault Ballists I made when I was barely a youngling (well... ) and used the parts as a base for the new one, slightly scaled down in size. Not sure when I will finish it. The paintjob was beyond hideous. I would probably punch myself if I had a time-machine.

The base before I added "mud". We shall see how all these projects turn out - I am very interested to see how the Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs will look like, a few washes down the line.

Lastly, the Hunter Orcs aren't the only ones getting a wash today. A big timber truck literary doused me in dirty rainwater when I crossed a bridge and (stupidly) stopped in the middle of the bridge to look at all the water that flowed under it (close to a flood!). For some reason I was so spellbound that I really did not react when the icecold water flowed up my back, legs and neck. I just stood there and watched the water... Is that zen or just a tad too close to the train tracks? Personally, I'd say it was five popped-collars cool!

Also, congratulations to our blogging-colleague Scott of Scott's Wargaming on his new endevour in life! I hope to see you back soon in the nerdosphere! Scott is a great painter and hobbyist and makes semi-regular batreps for LotR/Hobbit and he is good source for hobby enjoyment, so I hope he will manage to rely (reläa?) the responsibilities to his wife soon enough and come back to us!


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