Balrog, Kraken, Fell Wargs

So, Kraken is done and flipping done. Aaaaaaw yeah! He looks like a robot, or at least a mechanical beast. But fear not, in real life - "IRL" - he looks more like an insect than a robot and that is always something to be happy for.

Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs turned out okay. When compared to my old Warg Riders they look stellar. I do wonder what I was thinking when I first painted the Warg Riders, around seven years ago - they weren't even properly base coated! I would really like to simple-green 70% of all my models and redo them. Only problem is I would have to redo the bases and I just think I can't go through with that. Granted, a hobby is not supposed to be fun, but I draw the line somewhere between being boring and the outright torture that is redoing 1800 bases (which is roughly 80% of the bases I have done).

I never washed them in the intended dark wash but let them have their earthy colours - for two reasons: Main reason was to distinguish them from the near-black Warg Riders and secondly for them to look more beasty. I also omitted the red highlights since they are more scouting units than anything... (and as such keep a low profile - it is all about the fluff (and the tabletop standard) here at Llama's War of the Ring).

Kraken base in a few more angles. This is the fourth time using water effects and this is the worst result - I was too sloppy with the preparations.

In order to store The Balrog I opted to cut his wings and magnetize them. I weighed them and used Boemann's formula for calculating magnetic strength, but must have slept through my university mathematics class becuase the wings just fell off.
     To make mat(h)ters worse (wohahahah! Pun in-fucking-tended!), I read that this model that I have happily mutilated is actually a rare one. Good thing I didn't threw away or melted the whip. The sword is homemade, which is not overly obvious. I hope...

I will just have to reattach the wings with the cunning use of pins and glue and GS.

Good bye fellow happy bloggers and may your weekend be hobby-filled and without spousal nagging!

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  1. I really like the DIY Watcher... reminds me a bit of the Aliens from Independence Day

    1. Happy to hear it! I should add slime, like the I.D.-Aliens had :)