A bit of boardgaming.

Since I have done little to no hobby this last week I give a quick run-down on how my game went this Saturday. Twelew hours with around one hour lunch is to be expected with this game. You all know which game I speak of... *

This man turned out to be the winner, after dethroning yours truly - I had 7 points and had 3 within reach but this evil-doer turned the whole table against me and I was attacked from all angles and managed to lose my capital which meant I was not allowed to score this last round. He was a worthy opponent and eerily similar in appearance to myself. His personality was slightly more approachable than mine, however.

First round - we had one newbie in our grand 8-player game, and hence we did not do simulated early turns, much to my dismay. But it was probably for the better. The new guy (to the game - I was in fact the true new guy in this group due to me moving from my old place!) got the system very fast and managed, with very basic help, collect enough points for a bronze position.

Second round. Yellow is me, newbie is to my right and the Embers to my left. The Embers eventually "fucked my shit up", as the saying so vulgary goes... I actually started to dislike the person managing the Embers, in real life, but managed to hide it. Perhaps I will get over it, perhaps not...

Third round was not eventful due to us passing a law saying that if someone attacked someone, the attacker would lose 1 VP!

Fourth or fifth round. Another weird law was voted through, stating that if you attacked black you would get +1 VP. At the same round, The Embers were sneakily attacked by purple who took the -1VP.

Sixth or fifth round. Green attacked black and got a solid +1 VP. I was in the lead at the time by carefully being the nice guy and just concentrating on tech and VP:s - I have played this game enough to have an inkling what the next VP-condition will be and tried to get the [new] Imperial (can't remember what is called, Assembly, perhaps?). We played with both expansions but not with mercs and leaders.
    This basically means I tried to take Assembly if I had more than one victory condition that was easy to lose - meaning, conditions like "keep five systems beside your homesystem for +1 VP" or "I control M3c@t0l R3x" and so on*.

The board in ninth round - quite a few battles happened which might sound strange considering how the board looks like in this picture. At the tenth round, purple lost it's capital as well as... green, perhaps? I lost mine in the last round where black managed to win due to us missing the little green point-giver (from D1st@nt Suns).*
     Not surprisingly, I was too angry to take pictures the last round and was concentrating on not being aggressive and impolite - this is a good game, but 11-12 hours is an investment you want to take the gold in.

Rules conundrum. But also laughter. All in all a good game and a nice little change of company and place. The lokales was top notch and the players were all really good guys - the best gang I have ever played with, so that was really something to be happy for. 
   If you wonder about the semi-careful censoring is because I personally dislike to be uploaded on the internet and so, show the same tact to others - although it looks a bit weird with the black masks, I must confess...

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*) I am trying to avoid traffic from people searching for this game because this is just a one-time happening and I wish not to lure them in here, like that post about "Where is Waldo" which is responsible for over 9000% of my traffic here at the blog.

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