Failed Balrog-conversion

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After a tiny bit of vacation and a hefty bit of work, I am ready to do some hobby. It's been nearly two months away from this monstrosity and we have been able to think over things, apart from each other, and we have decided to back off with this whole rare-earth magnet-thingie and will now try to redo the damage we have done to each other:

It is a very nice model but I must confess that I have started to dislike it: A model for wargaming should first and foremost be a somewhat practical playing-piece, not a work of art or a display piece. I removed the beautiful whip and gave him a sword (according to the stories, the Balrog had a flaming sword besides the famous whip) instead. After that I tried to magnetize it's wings and failed.

A bit of drilling, a piece of iron-thread and some GS and I think we've reached a conlusion with this maleur.

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