Birch-Ent, Angband Beast and Work Troll

Soon and very soon I will declare these monsters ready and able.

Angband Beast still has it's horns in the to-do-basket, and the Work Troll still got his alternative arms left to be sculpted (not to mention a second head with a Turtles(TM) bandana for crewing the Mordor war catapult).
    Birch-Ent is obviously 96% done. The heads turned out exactly as I had planned, but that doesn't mean I am wholly satisfied with them - my designs were lacking, but the execution was 100%! That is reaffirming, in a backwards way: It means I am learning. The heads are magnetized with rare earth magnets.
    Beast of The Dark Plains (TM) is currently getting outfitted with chains to hold the battle platform/howdah in place and I left it out of the picture out of fear of smudging the still-curing green stuff. The chains turned out quite Mordor-y... very rustique...
    I wish you all a good work-week, and remember folks: Mondays' are fundays!

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