Beheading a Gorgoroth Beast!

I have decided to remake the GBoG, AKA Great Beast of Gorgoroth, AKA the Rhino of Middle-Earth [fon.: Mi'dlö'rf-]. Starting with a grand beheading:

First using the AP-saw, I realized something badder was needed and the old get-out-of-jail-saw got out of his prison. I removed the head with a frenzy bordering to mania.

With the head out the way, I will now remove the howdah and redo some or fewer of it's legs. I want to make a mould out of this bugger, as mr FoB grandly asked me to do (no link to this infamous statement is available due to laziness).

Also, mr B-rog has gotten his wings back. My, my, is it a space-craving little model.

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