Birch Ent (update 3 of 3 for today)

The crazy head for the Birch Ent. This version of the ent I intend to include a burning right arm; the ent has been maddened into a berserk frenzy.

This is the silly Lenin-head-version of the ent. He actually looks a bit like a bearded version of my brother-in-law (the crooked nose does it).

Mr Kite-flying nose-man got himself a rocking hairstyle of branches and disgusting protusions. A lot of tickor will be added, you know, those mushrooms/fungus that was used for firestarter-kits way back in the day.

It turns out that GS suffer no ill effects being heated to 400 degrees C (which happens when I overkill-heat the Super Sculpey). This particular project burst into flames once... needless to say I was struck by panic, but we should not dwell on that matter for too long, because there are other more important things to look at...

Sculpting Super Sculpey is a bit different from using GS (GS is a so called "acronym" for Green Stuff, which is a euphemism for Kneadatite, which is another word for "Plumber's Putty" which is also known as "Mario's Sauce" in homosexual circuits - a circuit can also be something that carry electrical current, which is also known as "electricity" which is what I got into my hand when I tried to change a lightbulb today).

Easy as pie. Sculpt and heat it to 24000 C and don't burn yourself and then get electrocuted when trying to change a lightbulb. This is all for today's hattrick! Don't forget to press like, subscribe and leave a comment in the comments section, this is CutieFuck signing off of FaceTube!

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  1. Dear CutieFuck,

    *Leaving a comment in the comment section below* I like how the treeman is posed. And good feet. In total, very promising.

    1. That is good to hear my young p-wan!