Llama's WotR-release dates

Since GW has abandoned WotR/LotR and I still need my hobby fix I have decided to make my own release-dates... consider this very ambitious project unlikely to happen, if, however, 30% or so of it happen to be realized, then I'll (at least) be happy, well, satisfied... happiness is such a fickle feeling. Ficken feeling...
     I should also add that these "releases" have a bit doing with my enthusiasm for the hobby: It is at an all-time low and now only protestantic discipline can save me! Hence this deadline-list. Dead. Line.
    Inspiration can come from many places though, and tonight, I found it over at Bizarrewarstar.

Sculpting "release" dates of this flipping blog!

August 28th. Beast of the Dark Plains [revamped Great Beast of Gorgoroth], with five yrch crew. I will probably try to modify existing conversions into these yrch... Also, the howdah is in big need of an update.

End of September, release 1. Preview of the Fastitocalon. I have zero plans ready for this grand project which actually is kind of exciting!

End of September, release 2. Dark War Troll number 1 (with a very generic name) will probably be ready, painted and badly photographed within end of September. Dark War Troll is essentially a Mordor Troll-clone without weapons and less armoured.

October. Frostwyrm. This is not a huge model, but I want to learn some new ways of sculpting so I suspect it'll take longer than normally to finish. I will use Tamiya hard putty in this project.

November. The Red Wizard. This is a man-sized model and those guys always take the longest to sculpt... The Red Wizard is part of my plan to expand Arda ever so slightly, and perhaps even tilt it a bit into my own little world...

December. The Mouth of Sauron. A conversion or perhaps a sculpt, we shall see. I have always wanted one of these, but due to economical reasons I can't bring myself buying one.

January 2016. Avatar of Mahal (work-name).

February 2016. First cast of the Beast of the Dark Plains. This will only happen if at least two people can "pledge" to buy one copy - I am running out of money since I have no job and I am not on the "dole"...

March 2016. Ghur Riders. Two of them. This is essentially the boar riders from the Hobbit. Ghur means bear in Sindarin IIRC, but we'll go with that name anyway, 'cause it sounds okay.

There are some elasticy (spelling, word?) in my little release schedule, and please note that not only must I sculpt these darn things, I must also try to paint them as well as take pictures of them, so if I happen to miss a release, please have understanding. 

Other things I want to sculpt which have no release dates:

- Birch-Ent.
- Black-Hearted Tree.
- Middle-Earthian Warships (in 28mm)! Huuuge project, involving at least a dozen 6-months project each!
- Spell Effects and spawns!
- War Troll number 2.
- The Necromancer (from the Hobbit).
- Stone Guardian number 2.
- Umbarian Reavers.
- Beruthiel 2.
- Keiseimu - Ravager of Ithilien. A 28 mm project. Probably with an accompanying chariot.
- Acolytes of Beruthiel. 28 mm weird babes.
- The Wainrider project. This is a laden project.
- Sauron the Beautiful. Mainly a TC (TC = Total Conversion).
- Lossoth Matrophaunt. A mammoth, essentially. Inspired by WHFB!
- [True] Mountain Giant.
- A mountain giant that looks a bit like the Kadai Fireborn... "Cliffy".
- Felahwand Goblins. A spin off of The Hobbit's goblins - thaw means rotten!
- Andraug, the mechanical wolf! Inspiration from M.E.R.P.
- Beorn. Basic 28 mm model. I'll just use Persbrandt's ugly mug...
- Shapeshifters. Also 28 mm models. Bear-dudes.
- Lord of the Rings-vampires! Also, flying versions (meaning bats!).

- - -   - - -   - - -

Lastly, I am considering selling my Thranduil on Elk due to me needing every bit of cent I can get. Expect more on this matter next update. If you have an opinion on this matter, please let me know in the comments below!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gah! such an epic project Thranduil was... it would really be terrible if you had to sell him off. although I'm sure you could find many keen buyers.

    looking forward to seeing more of your scuplting projects!

    1. But maybe the next owner can paint him in a better way than I did? ;D But yes, it was a very intensive project, but for some reason it was unusally enjoyable. Except for the fokking antlers of the elk... yuk... the kept falling apart. The poor sod that may or may not buy this model will take heed when touching the poor thing. They fall apart if you give them a bad look.

      I will post an update tomorrow after practice, so after 2100 hours Swe-time! There has been some, although limited, progression...

  2. Yay for the ambitious release schedule! There are a few things there that I look forward to seeing your take on. Are "Stone guardian" a development of the big stone men you did for.. was it the Edeldhu(spelling?) project?


    1. The Stone Guardian are indeed a development of the stone men! Edheldu-off spring, indeed.