Great Beast of Gorgoroth met with the deadline

The line of death, also known as the threshold to marriage, has been nearly crossed by this beast. I sculpted a lot of chains, of varying quality, and as the Elves* say: A chain is only as strong as it's weakest Zelda.

The platform is deliberately very different from my "source of inspiration" (the GW-model which I just ripped-off, design wise) for the simple reason I think it looks more Mordor-y.
     Still need to fix the goddamned crew... but I never mentioned those in my release-schedule, at least I think I did not... Should also mention there are some details left to attach, such as some shields and chains.

So, I am now allowed to start work on the fastitocalon! Notice the missing capital "f" in "fastitocalon"? Feels good to return to the more Scandinavian way of spelling things. Did you know that we, in Sweden, do not capitalize languages and nationalities, meaning that a word like "Danes" and "Englishwomen", should be spelled "danskar" and "engelskor" - not "Danskar" or "Engelskor". If you still do, as a native Swede, there is a big probability that you belong to Social-grupp III.

*) I recently read a book in English, and there the word humans was not capitalized... my conclusion is that according to English rules, one should not capitalize elves, dwarves or orcs. I shall from hereafter not do so.

PS) A fastitocalon is just a by-note in the Lord of the Rings or in The Hobbit, but it is basically a leviathan, often depicted as a giant turtle or tortoise, whatever the difference is between the two.

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  1. Great you met your deadline, much better than me.

    1. Well, in all honesty, the stuff you do is amazing, so deadlines aren't really pertinent in your case ;D