Sculpting an Angband Beast... and others!

Upon completion of my practice (which went no-good, by the way, but hey, I got to watch someone fire some form of Dirty Harry gun!) I promtly returned home to finish the base job on these guys:

Mock-up of the Angband Beast. This guy will look a bit like a gorilla (yup... ), a bit like a balrog and a bit like something else. I want to make three different heads for it, although I am not entirely sure I am up for it.

Front limb prostetics in the form of plastic fantastic 40K, wooohooo! The thing will get awkward back-jointed hind-legs.

This boring project is a mess of a failed polyurethane copy, parts Super Sculpey, some wiring, and three different kinds of putty, no four! Tamiyas Fast Curing, AP's Green Stuff, some grey stuff possibly from GF9, some boat-putty (that cured as I was baking the two pieces together!) and another type.

The Great Beast of Gorgoroth, nowadays simply called Beast of the Dark Plains (TM), is getting a good overhaul - the handling of it actually made a lot of the brittle Super Sculpey fall off - it seems that the inner core of cornflakes and "good ideas" was not the best skeleton for this lump of putty... The left front leg is now being remodeled after a Rhino's left front leg. It looks a bit awkward, but that is apparently how they do it when they stroll around the plains of Africa.

Could not stop myself from starting work on the Birch Ent, a good six months before it's planned start. It is just that I want to paint something white and beautiful!

This horrendous face used to belong to the M.E.R.P. inspired Sand Wyrm... I really do not like it. I have since taking this photgraph cut off the ugly teeth. This is a classic example of "killing your babies"... I just can't bring myself to throw it away. At least I went the first step just now, and removed it from it's ill-suiting 64 mm base. Badly painted it is as well...

That was today's progress. See you in a while crocodile!

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