Great Beast of Gorgoroth revampation (update 2 of 3 of today)

The Beast of the Dark Plains has finally gotten his left front leg fixed. It took me four tries until I realized what needed doing: I opened up a picture of a rhino and just copied the animal's exact footing. And presto:

Instant rip-off [of GeeDubb]... Next month's sculpting project will be 100% of my own designs though. I need this project to be 85% close to perfect since I am doing a mould of it. I want to cast the little fucker!

One of the many failed versions of the front left leg. The saw symbolizes sawing of a leg. Left side of GBoG.

Some assorted WIP:s.
Right side of GBoG.
The howdah is actually quite nice, although it looks a bit lacking above. I have stripped it down to it's base. I have not started working on the crew yet, despite having just five days left to work on this project!

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