Current projects on the desk...

... are the same as before. I am finally secure enough that I dare post a picture of my current setup. This setup is apparently not luxurious, and neither am I, currently. Concordedly visavi we continue with the Angband Beast and it's many shitty photos from nearly the same angles. Dutch angles, apparently, currently.
    Before the WIP-pictures, I would like to share another personal thing: This is the "master plan" for the Angband Beast.

Not that impressive, huh? It shows the first head, the troglodyte head, the blind head. The scales will be added, although I am not sure exactly what style I will go with.

Second head with big, blind eyes that I would like to paint milk-white. This second head started as a 3D-sketch with Super Sculpey, but I kept it and will most likely keep working on it, but with GS.

This second rodent-like head is kind of small, but it is still in proportion to the rest of the body, it just so happens that this is a very buff beast.

The blind head, sculpted right after I had sawed off the second head (a bit weird sculpting order there). It is missing it's jaw here, amongst other things, including but not limited to: Feet, hands, skin, scales, certain muscles and teeth. 
    The general appearance of the creature is fine by my standards, and within my intended plans: Holding it's breath, ready to act violently.
    Fluff behind it is naturally that the creature is one of Melkor's many un-named dark beasts which he kept in his grand mountain fort.

Other projects. GBoG is giving me a headache: I have lost my hobby-chains and it may very well end up with me having to sculpt all the chains from scratch... Some work has been done on the howdah-parts because they were sketchy, at best.

In the lower part of this image you can see that I have added some twigs and pieces to the Crazy Ent-head. The other head is censored since it looks kind of silly, but I have confidence it will look decent in it's finished form.

This is in fact a work-troll, not a war troll which I have insisted on calling it, for some reason - his general beat-down and submissive look is a big hint which position he has in the pecking order, despite his size.
    The loin-cloth might change and he might be given some controlling devices in the form of leather straps.

Wonky arms for carrying rocks to Mordor War Catapults, or perhaps work some simple machines or perhaps even slightly repositioned arms for pushing or pulling Grond?

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