Angband Beast, phase two (Update 1 of 3 for today)

Returning to my phases, this time, though, with some attitude changes: I will try to make a better effort to give the project in question a better finish.

I had to prime it to better see the overall shape of the beast. There is still lots to do on this one: Scales, hands/claws, the weird bull-feet needs to be redone. Face number one is not nearly close to being finished.

Troglodyte head is a mess... Regardless, I will keep it up, and might even add some horns on this particular blind head. I think it would give it a disturbing look. Maybe I am wrong.
    Also, this is update 1 of 3.

2 kommentarer:

  1. If you pull this off it may well be a really disturbing beast. It does look like you're laying on the sculpey too thick -- will you have enough margins left to sculpt the details?


    1. You are indeed correct with me putting on too much sculpey, however, the base problem is me being a cheap-skate and using to much staniol-filler before putting on the base layer of sculpey, making the beast un-sculptable.

      I have since sort-of learnt my lesson.