Guldur War Troll done... and something else...

First off, I just added a few drops of paint and redid the pictures and now it looks like a wholly different creature:

 Less light makes it easier to see that there are more than one brown colour on this model.

What is that "else" that I am alluding to in the title? The Copper Berg War Wagon, of course (some people would falsely call it an Iron Hills Battle Wagon, but that would probably be infringing something or else). Next update will be about that project. 

So, this update is more of a way to say that the next update will be interesting, at least for me. I am feeling slightly proud of the end result of this Dwarf War Wagon. Now I am off to a social obligation however, and tomorrow as well, as was yesterday, so my sculpting time has shrunken significantly...

4 kommentarer:

  1. He looks even better. Like a hulking chunk of meaness!

  2. Troll looks awesome llama, well done :)

    1. Thanks, happy to hear it! 40% copy (the legs, modified, though) and 60% homemade.