Painting the Dwarwen War Wagon

This is the first stage. A bunch of washes (it is really called something else, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is called... ).
Feels good finally painting this beast. Fuck yeaaah! Wooops... (I just love girls when they fail - as they do 100% of time, it is impossible to not love these little bastards).

Six goats, one chariot (in four pieces: 2 wheels, one chariot in 2 parts), 1 repeter crossbow, 3 crew and 1 super-duper-yoke. I decided to base it on a dynamic 120 mm base for various reasons.
    Some work-in-progress pictures below:

I have actually made a mould of this model. It was a sinister story, a left-eyed, blind-sided thing that left me confused...

Much like the TSA-wannabees of the American DMV I confused myself enough to make an equivalent mistake... the moulds are kind of okay but still...

I will probably finish painting the model tomorrow.
    There are numerous reasons I have been absent from the blog (see image below) and the hobby but I will not bore you with details. I do hope your weekend will be slow and filled with hobby and very little family and clan-related things, may your day be boring and predictable!

The horns were a mess to make. The gradients especially...

But the collars and yokes etc was simpler. I just followed the above schematics....

Lastly, Joshua, here's some lessons in Swedish...

With that, I bid you all adieu!

4 kommentarer:

  1. omfg! This is amazing! The cart and the goats are ingenious, but the dwarves?! At first I thought they were geedubb conversions! Very well done!

    Oh and thanks for the lesson on Swedish, but oh dear, my eloquence shall have to be drowned in the primal grunting of the far north! hehe ;D I am of course joking, Swedish is a wonderful language, that I am trying my hardest to learn. hehe

    1. Despite not being the best fan of GW that is in fact one of the best praise one can get ;_; It made me happy to hear :D

  2. Looks really good, well done!