Games Webshop: Smaug up for release, December 2014

For roughly 3400 SEK you can get this one. For 3400 SEK, if you cared, you could sustain an Indian family of 9 (husband, wife, five kids, mother in law and uncle) for nearly nine months. Of course, no one wants to do that so we'll probably end up saving those SEK:s.
    But would you shell out 3400 SEK for a plastic-plaster model of Smaug? A Smaug that doesn't speak Cumberbatchian?

There are other releases. If you want to support Games Workshop's webshop, you can go to their webshop that is located on the "internet".

2 kommentarer:

  1. I want... but its a serious hobby investment and will take more than just talking sweetly to wifeypoos...

    1. I want it too. But as you say... this is an investment. Sorry for the seriously long delay before replying. But I am back now, at least for Q1.