Army get-together photos

Firstly, something I almost never do: Sorry for the really bad pictures. I always do these kind of things when I have nothing better to do and it always happens to be REALLY late at night when it is dark outside. So...

Rohan Army.. Kind of small, have a box of warriors to convert into Helmingas and with the bowmen I'll have enough for a small contingent of archers when combined with those on the photo. Notice the converted Outriders, quite pleased with them.

Misty Mountains. Missing two trolls and lots of work to be done with the movement trays (which will be very entertaining!).

Following are some already published photos of the rest of the armies. Finally got pictures of all my/our WotR-armies - just missing Angmar here. Not doing a Forgotten Kingdoms army, it is just an ally army so... Though in the Edheldu project I'm using rules from that book.

And a last note... the Gondor army has gotten a substantial addition in form of six companies of elite cavalry and probably some more WoMT:s. The Dwarf Holds-army has got quite a bulk as well, including another tray of Vault Wardens. And the biggest expansion happened with the Fallen Realms, but when all that's done I will have to make a whole article-like update because its huuuge :)

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