War of the Ring: Edheldu Update

Somewhat better quality...

Still lots to do paint-wise. This has been an entertaining project, and it isn't done yet.

Great Eagle.

The big warband.

Hehe, I noticed that the Ent is hiding from the camera in every photo...

2 kommentarer:

  1. If by "better" pictures you mean "just as blurry", then yes, these are better..

    That joke aside, these units are really getting better and better. Again, the colours are just awesome and it looks like you have updated the soft plastic vegetation.

    And ah yes, the ent is camouflaging himself all the time.


  2. Haha, "just as blurry". There's a problem with the daylight where I live: It just isn't enough to go around...

    Thank you for your nice words, I have been sceptical about the colours of choice but still went through with it. Good to hear.

    Good bye/Llama