Golden King with Abrakhan Guard (from Perry Miniatures' Mahdist Ansar)

Some Llama Sloppiness(tm) were used to speed up the sculpting process which is why the painting process took ages.

The bases will be done in an uncharacteristic theming job: Desert, but very toned down, more of the classic cliff desert (which is in fact what most deserts look like).

Upon looking at my paintjob here, I can see lots of flaws and misses, but this is unavoidable unless you want to sit and paint and paint and paint and fix little details - as it is now, it looks well enough on the table.

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  1. This is looking really good Llama! The Perry guys fit perfectly.


  2. Thank you mr FoB. How is it going with the assembly of the rest of your Men at Arms? I would very much like to look at them.

    Good bye

    PS) Do you remember when we ate Sibylla-mat? That was good times. I will have to go there by apostla-horses some day and indulge.

    /Llama - now unable to log in for commenting but very much able to write a whole new blogpost, yes the blogspot is not what it used to. Wait, no, its exactly how it used to be... its free though

  3. " ... used to... " *BE* - used to be, I meant, ofc