Too many updates and posts? Well here are some more finished units for War of the Ring

Llama's Plague Cart for my Angmar army (well Laes Dim, really) - not sure on which rules to use, probably write some myself.

Barrels, zoomed in.

Necromancer. Upgrade to the cart.


Overview, again... And if someone thinks I'm not aware of the inspiration for this stupid contraption (especially the disgusting person with the hayfork at the back of the cart) I can tell you I am. Stole the idea from GW - though the most came from someone on DakkaDakka...

http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/312924.page#2008442, the person doing this project (which is WAAAY more Warhammery and repulsing than mine :) ... ) is someone called "bubblesflood", and he did it a few years ago.

Mr Green Dragon himself, A K A Dragon of Ancient Times, works as a regular Wyrm in War of the Ring battles.

Side angle on his weak spot (besides I never got to make any wings, too much work) - looks a bit odd...

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  1. Good to see your cart completed. I particularly like the painting of the cart and barrels. And your photographing has been upped several notches! Great photos in your recent updates!

    We do need to work on making your dragon legs look like they are supporting the weight of a heavy creature -- I find him too light footed. Otherwise he's a nice chap with very good scales.


  2. Thanks mr FoB! I finally understood what FoB stands for Frequently Osked Questions!

    Indeed he looks light and I am surprised that you find the scales nice since I was quite happy with them when sculpting them but when looking at them in the photo they seem sloppy. But it really doesn't matter, its just a work of art and as such it doesn't have to look perfect.

    I've been using Daylight(TM) when taking my photos. A great success!