Edheldu Army for WotR

Edheldu Army for War of the Ring. Seventy-two percent done. As stated before, I'm using Games Workshop LotR SBG Wood Elves for the major formation and the archers. It's night here, which is why the pictures are the usual jaowsblog-standard... sigh...

The colour scheme is black and blue. Blue is a colour that doesn't go well with green - but 'Eavy Metal painters succeded with the Elrond model in 2003 or 2004 (blue cloak and green "skirt") so I think I can get away with black and blue on a green background (the forest). Note the screamingly blue Wisp (which will be waaaay whiter when done) - which is a nod to WC3, just as the Huntress-inspired dude in the back of the large formation is. There are more but the picture is to crappy so we'll wait with the details on this one.

Funny thing is, you can actually zoom in on certain areas to see the blurr in a more blurry kind of way.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

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  1. Besides the fact that I can't see sh*t it looks good!


  2. Dear mr FoB. You are indeed correct, the pictures are faaacked up.