Abrakhan Guard Banner Bearer

The Abrakhan Guard Banner Bearer is based on the same half naked Mahdist body from the Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansars as I used for the rest of the Golden King's guard. It is a simple conversion but it took me almost a full night since I watched the whole season 6 of South Park.

The Warg converted into a lion is a little experiment of mine. I am currently trying to sculpt a whole lion from scratch but it's difficult to do the armature in such a small scale. For me, at least.

Of course the warg design is more wolfish, and hence more canine in its appearence in contrast to a feline creature, which the lion is. The snout of the warg is extended instead of contracted like on cats. Well, it doesn't matter, the whole project look like shit anyway, and so it is perfect for a fantasy setting or with the Greek Mythological Army I am working on (as seen in earlier posts).

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  1. Well, since I'm sikh in the head I will comment on my own project: The snake is not something to worry abooot (canadian accent there). The lion is painted (ugly) and the BB actually looks really nice.

    /Llama himself