Wood Elf Warband for War of the Ring

Soon to be painted. Primed and ready. Lots of pictures from this project, yes...

The actual trays, not extremely carefully done visavi the edges and holes for the bases to fit in since this proved to be a hassle - perhaps the greatest hassle of all time, I should say.

Cirion, already painted, saved from priming and then returned to his position in the leading company.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's looking great with all the pukelstones up in this. But who is the mystery green-stuff-cloaked-guy? And yes the blue elf looks nice and lively too.

    /Shanandar Singh

    1. Three years later I answer you, mr FoB. Why haven't I answered on so many of your comments? One can ask and wonder...

      The cloaked guy is some sort of druid-thingie. He has been changed into a normal elf with a cloak now. The original intention for this army was to be a LotR-y-fied Warcraft III-army, the Night Elves in LotR-form, you could say.