Immortal Miniatures' Persians


I thought this was the new Spartans, but it seems its the same old Ancient Greek Hoplites with i tiny twist... Hmm...

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  1. My good sir, this entire post leaves me confused and distraught. You write "Persians" in the headline which leads me to believe that you'll be writing about warriors from that nation. Imagine my surprise when you wrote "Spartans" in the main text.

    Add to this that you expect there to be new Spartans from Immortal miniatures -- how utterly wrong. Immortal released their Spartans at least a year ago and will not redo them.

    All of us that eagerly await the Persians from Immortal Miniatures demand satisfaction!

    Best regards,

    J. Smythe Rowling (Ph.D., M.D., 33 degree Mason)

  2. From Llama himself (wery lazy to login)

    Hello fellow pretend-mason

    Ja det blev lite fel där. Rättade "persians" from the text I wrote, seemingly unaware of the title-text's massive incorrectness ("seemingly unaware" is an "expression" I picked "up" from "a" book). Byyeeee