Good day all followers of the jaowsblogg

Good day all happy campers!

A question was asked, or fired at me, rather: The question involved a certain flute-fag and why I had kept both. The truth is, I concluded after counting and checking my available Greek Hoplite miniatures, that I have used only one of the flute-fags, the other one is a misch-masch-hasch of other pieces. So, there you go.

Good bajs

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  1. I see.. Notera att det var först nu dina två tidigare inlägg kom till min bloggläsare -- konstigt.


  2. Korrekt.

    Jag skulle uppskatta om folk - inga namn nämnda - kunde skriva på engrish prease. Detta p g a alla mina engelsktalande läserskor.


  3. Yesh! I have not been able to cut out the Sudanese figs since I forgot the cutter and the hobby knife..