Just wanted a small part of the interweb to know that hithero is a piece of shit! He is a big dork and a besserwisser.

On another note and quote:

Cardalae is a medium sized fuedal kingdom in the farthest of Far East, a part of Middle-Earth that Tolkien never explored except with a few lines here and there: … the lands of Far East Nagadin consisting of Nagadwaith, hot, arid and mountainous. And of kingdoms Agnam Laes, Cardalae and Dalindor, which was more oft called Dale-Marsh. Some blood of the vanyar and blood of the old Numenoreans could still be found in the countires where the blue istari went to never return.

Cardalae (from sindarin cardh – deed or feat – and alae, behold) is a kingdom of ingeniousness and thinking, much like the old Gondor...
...end quote.

Comment on the Kentaur!

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  1. Tack för genomgången, det hjälper.


  2. Hey djuude! Some Perry minis painted. Note how he dealt with the seams at the back of the legs: http://www.sdean-forum.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=25649&start=0&sid=7f887af1c431fd3c46ab6de7ef9d07fa