Edheldu List

The finished project will comprise the following formations and units:

Huorns, single company formation x2 - using Uruk-hai Berserker rules with a small twist and a points modification. Models are WHFB "Dryads".

Edheldu Archer Warband, three companies x1. Wood Elves' rules. Models are LotR Wood Elves.

Edheldu Warband, three companies x2. Wood Elves' rules. Models are LotR Wood Elves

Ent. Homemade model.

Pukelman x1. Using Ent rules. This one is included for variation and theme. Probably find another name. Homemade model, using the art by famous illustrator Angus McBride, RIP.

Forest Dragon. Not sure about rules here. Homemade model.

Warhawk. Probably using Great Eagle rules. Again, this one is included for "the diversity of the forest" etc. Sadly, another WHFB-model: "Stupid Mage with Big Hat on Warhawk". Which again makes me wonder of the spelling rules of the English language. Warhawk, wargear... surely they aren't supposed to be written as one word? It sounds, when read, like "wardjear" instead of War... Gear... But words like, let say "Top hat", is spelled as two words when it apparently is one word, tophat - oh, I get it now, it looks like tof-hat... okay... I rest my case, it is because of the stupid spelling rules of the shitty English language.

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