War of the Ring: Updated armies

A little note on - in absence of a true hobby-update - new army pics. These two armies were photographed a week or so ago. Misty Mountains is growing beyond its borders and a Balrog is still not even assembled due to earlier constraints with regards to space.

This Misty Mountains-army will be standardized in base and tray. The difficult part of making this army a unit is that besides the cave-theme (which is far from done), the army lacks character - except for the models' themselves, which are all, with the exception of the WHFB-spiders and the old wargs, very interesting and characterful.
      Characterful most oft' in wargaming (well, Warhammer) means exaggerated noses and hands as well as a funny face, and that cartoony character is fine in itself, but in Lord of the Rings, it has no place. So, when I say character, I mean character within the agreed more realistic stylistic theme of the Weta-production team (amongst others).
     But back to the army: This loss of character is a bit of an oxymoron because this is the army that I most hard tried to give theme and character...

... the original center formation consisting of nine companies of Moria Goblins, I had intended to have a slight zergish feeling, a bit of a cockroachy feel. And then the less-busy wargs were added with their simple trays and bases which made the army look less an army and more like two, or three different pieces. Adding the goblins from The Hobbit further added to this disparate feel.
    I am not entirely sure how to fix this with minimum effort, but some ideas are floating around.
    Goblins aside. We can see the (finally) updated pic of the Rohan Army, also designed with War of the Ring in mind and with tidy company trays. I must confess that the trays are one of the things I like most with War of the Ring... it looks so tidy. Perhaps this says more about me than I want to know :)

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  1. Impressive looking forces. I quite like the look of those WFB spiders - not bad at all!

  2. Thanks, Scott! I had my doubts about the spiders, but I think they work. They could need some more colours, though...

  3. I've nomintated you for a Liebster. http://scottswargaming.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/ive-been-liebstered-again.html

  4. Thanks man! I am super late in response to this one, sorry, I've been away!