Remember July the 22th AAAND Mad Max

Today we remember the horrific events at Battle of Anzen... I take off my baseball cap for the losses. 

I have been toying around with this idea for a while now... Mad Max was a great movie, and that's coming from someone who despise so called action movies. That movie was "balls to walls", as the colloquially say in podcasts. How the word colloquially is spelled I do not know, however.

This toying around with a Mad Max-themed Lord of the Rings army obviously sound like the ravings of a mad man (pun in-fucking-tended), which incidentally it might be, nevertheless, the official reason it came to be was I finally got my stuff together and FINALLY made some nice casts of my Great Beast of the Plain.

Dudes above are the leftovers and they are not the good models, so I figured the should go down the ol' convershun road, what with all their bubbly and faulty condishuns, and give them a total make-over, repimp my pimp-car, total grand design my face etc...

You may or may not remember my mûmakil-conversion. The howdah above was a leftover and I might get some use for it as part of the alternate "War Rig" that I will have to design, following the limitations of Arda.

Rest of the parts... I'll make up a nice background story, put together some crazy beasts and then we're off, towards hoooobbybyyybyybyb-laaaaaand! It's been a while crocodile... 

Also, welcome to the Russian follower who may or may not be a real person, he's the 60th follower. I have NEVER had more than 60 followers, but often less, and then someone unsubscribe or unfollow, and after a few years I get another. Sometimes the drop is larger, and sometimes the "resubbing" comes in chunks as well - it all depends on whether I am on a roll or make a spectacularly popular post. Often times I offend someone. This post probably offends a lot of people, but such is life in Sweden and Europe and elsewhere.

Before anyone has a comment about the date, please remember what the rest of our media say when it's the other way around:

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