This llama will go to Australia in mid-December. If you are an Australian on central East Coast (big place, Brisbane and down 90 km, G0ld Coast and so on), let me know if there are any hobby-places I should visit.

I have done some hobby, believe it or not... but that is for later...

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  1. Hey mate big fan of your blog for many years and also someone who still plays WOTR. I am on the Sunshine Coast just above Brisbane, keen to catch up for a game or two. Cheers Scott Robertson

  2. Lets do that! I am locked out of my account because f*cking google thinks I an trying to hack myself. Have tried a bunch of bs but I will have to communicate to you via anon-comment. Do you have an email adress that you feel okay to publish here in a comment so that we may communicate via that instead?

    Ps, will send the same message at your blog as well, quite keen on a game ;)