Painted steamship...

... these posts about the steamship have literally been the least watched or clicked posts I have ever made for some reason. The project has given me enjoyment but I shall not dwell too long on the project. So here's the last one, the boat is not nearly painted to readiness, but I shan't bore you guys with it. Upwards and onwards!


Tried to darken up the on-top-of-the-hull-construction-hut-thingie. Before and after above and below.

I have been having some issues with helping some guys with permits. I really, really dislike the Swedish bureaucracy (and can't spell to the B-word). No good deed goes unpunished they say, because I got a call from the Violence-Monopolists of Sweden to explain certain parts of things I had typed into the applications of the permits. See above for my mental state... It is designed to destroy the morale I have finally accepted. So, therefore I...

... take a shallow breath and just relax, and get back to the boat...

I mean it is just part and parcel of living in Sweden, eh?

Had plans to attach the plastic boats I have been casting up, but thought they'd look more like Norwegian baby-penguin bashing boats, so I did not...


Might have looked nice though, but not really in the style of this Isengard ship.

Wraaaah! Dangerous rams, saws and ballistas! The design evolution of this ship has been interesting to follow (inside my own head).

(Speaking of evolution and casual racism and anti-evolutionismsimsms)
Tried a lighter paintjob first... I think I need to separate the hull and the rest paintwise...

But that sounds a bit difficult... hard work you know... I might just go and burn a flag instead. Or some Swedes, as is fashion now in the immigrant heavy parts of various cities in Sweden.

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  1. Holy shots! That is one damned awesome Blanchitsu steam abattoir ship! Will he be of the makings of the crews?

    1. No crews, but I imagine some unarmoured uruk-hai and half uruks, maybe some humans too... would be nice to make crew come to think of it :D